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Our Next Excellent Adventure…

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For two long time antique collectors, a dream has come true.

We’ve been offered the opportunity to curate the collections of the museum in Patagonia, the small town in southeastern Arizona we moved to a year ago. This is an assignment we’re both excited about undertaking. Giving back to your community is always a good thing plus the chance to uncover artifacts from a town that was settled in the early 1800’s sounds like heaven on earth to us as collectors.

The Patagonia Museum is housed in a grammar school building that was built in 1914 and was in use until 3 years ago. The building was restored in 2015 but the original architectural features (20’ high ceilings covered with embossed tin tile, wooden plank flooring, plaster walls and a melodious bell in the bell tower) remain intact which makes it an interesting setting for a regional museum. Ranching, the railroad, mining and the unique biodiversity found in this area are the underpinnings of the town’s history and we’re looking forward to capturing those stories in the museum’s exhibits.

But first things first…there’s an inventory system that needs to be developed and display cases that need to be build before we can get to the real fun – hunting for hidden treasure.


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