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Vintage Americana...

Kilbride Family Cupboard

Country Store Basket

A Child’s Shoes

Victorian Blocks

Wall Box

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Optician’s Sign

Country Store Tins

Dr. Parker, Chiropractor

Baseball Gloves

Ice Fishing Anyone?

G.M. Hathaway & Co.

Ships Ahoy

Theater Seats

Tramp Art

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The Gifts Have Been Unwrapped…

4th January 2022 By Linda Shore
Christmas is over and a new year is upon us.

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The Secret Decoder Ring

15th September 2020 By Linda Shore

What a delight to learn that random carvings on a piece of folk were an insight into the artist’s background.

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It’s Music to My Ears…

4th October 2019 By Linda Shore
What a cool example of making something old new again ….

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