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Kilbride Family Cupboard

Country Store Basket

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Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Optician’s Sign

Country Store Tins

Dr. Parker, Chiropractor

Baseball Gloves

Ice Fishing Anyone?

G.M. Hathaway & Co.

Ships Ahoy

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Tramp Art

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The Secret Decoder Ring

30th June 2020 By Linda Shore

In researching the symbols on an antique mirror frame, I was delighted to learn that what I saw as random carvings in the wood were in reality insight into the artist’s background.

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The Next Chapter In The FLW Saga

7th February 2018 By Linda Shore
I’m pleased to confirm the ending to the story of the David Wright house is a happy one.

History In The ‘Hood

23rd June 2017 By Linda Shore
What a thrill to learn the saga of this Frank Lloyd Wright designed home is heading for a happy ending.